Which Countries are Charging Ahead with Electric Vehicles?

Which Countries are Charging Ahead in the Adoption of Electric Vehicles?

EV cars are often in the news, but how do the global stats measure up when it comes to embracing electric vehicles? Let’s look at the countries that are seeing rapid growth in this important area. 

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With the support of government incentives, new policy creation, and environmentally aware consumers, we are likely to see the global landscape of EV cars change dramatically in as little as a few years. As a charging and EV operations management solution, Driivz adapts to the changing realities of the EV world in an intuitive way, always ensuring compliance, supportive of governmental planning, and managing some of the largest public charging networks in the world.

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Oren Halevi, Director, Head of Product Management at Driivz

Author: Oren Halevi, Director, Head of Product Management at Driivz

Oren has more than 20 years of experience in designing business critical products. With deep product management experience and proven ability to understand customer needs. Leading the products and marketing of SaaS, telecommunication, big data and autonomous and electric car products from creation to mass deployments.